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2018 Team Handbook

Dear Parents and Swimmers:

Welcome to the Copperfield Swim Team! We are members of the Louisville Swim Association (LSA), and adhere to their rules and schedule. There are many factors that allow our team to function and our goals cannot be accomplished without the help of team parents. Everyone involved with the swim team-- board members, LSA reps, workers, etc… are all volunteers. The only paid positions are the coaches.

There are five dual meets scheduled this year.  The number of events each swimmer will compete in will vary at each meet. LSA cut-off times will determine which individuals will swim in the Qualifications meet. Then the top 14 swimmers move on to the Championships. Seven qualifying swimmers will swim in the Finals Heat and be awarded medals. The 8th-14th place qualifying swimmers will swim in the Consolation Heat and be awarded ribbons.

The coaches prepare meet entries on the Friday prior to a meet. 

We must know who will not be able to swim by the Thursday before the meet. You will need to indicate that your child will be absent on the team site as far in advance as possible.  Please also send an email to the Swim Team Board at This greatly affects all swimmers in relays! Therefore, you can help prevent mistakes, confusion, and excessive work problems by letting us know as soon as possible if you are not able to participate in an upcoming swim meet.

The Qualifications meets will be held Monday, July 9th for swimmers 11 and over, Wednesday, July 11th for swimmers 10 and under. Championships will be held Sunday, July 15th. Swimmers must be present at Quals in order to swim in Championships. Please keep these dates open for your swimmer(s).

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2017-18 LSA Division 2 Qualifications Times

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The goal of the Copperfield Swim Team is to encourage all swimmers by giving them the opportunity to develop and improve their skills through dual meets and practice. The swim team strives to remain competitive in our division but also wants all swimmers to participate. Many different factors go into the establishment of relays and the individual events. Things considered:

  • The all age relay is the only event where all spots are earned. There is one swimmer chosen from each age group.
  • The coaches keep a chart of what each child swims every week. They use this to rotate children in and out of events and to try to make sure the individual events are kept even. It is typical that the swimmers swim in at least one relay (preferably two) and two individual events.
  • All swimmers will swim freestyle.
  • Many age groups have an uneven number or too few swimmers, therefore, we move swimmers up so they will have enough for their relay.
  • Six and unders that swim up into older events or the end of meet relays are usually children with older brothers and sisters. This is so you are not required to stay through the entire 2nd half of the meet until your child swims one of the last events.
  • USA swimmers are limited to 2 relays and 3 individual events.
  • Qualifications and Championships are earned through times. These are governed by LSA rules.

We do hope you will join in this summer and give us your ideas, participation, and support in making this season successful and fun. Please read this information packet and keep it handy so you can refer to it throughout the season.


BOARD MEMBERS                   

Megan Albritton


Eric Bunnell


Stephanie Day 


Leah Guilford  


Adam Highley  


Denise McMullan 


Gina Wilkie 



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  1. In order to participate on the swim team, every family must be in good standing with the Copperfield Homeowners Association by having their dues paid. No one will be allowed to participate at the practices or meets if their dues remain unpaid.
  2. Every parent must sign the registration/medical release form. This electronically signed acknowledgement will be kept in your family’s registration file.
  3. It is recommended that swimmers wear the team suit at all meets. There are two team suit options this year: TYR Phoenix Splice Diamondfit in Black/Purple or a Solid Black One-Piece suit.  Boys may choose the coordinating TYR Phoenix Splice Jammers or an all-black suit and can have the Copperfield team logo added to their suit at a minimal cost. Team suits and other equipment are available through our team supplier, Swimville USA, 11800 Shelbyville Road, 245-8911. 


  4. Goggles, fins, and a pull buoy are also required equipment and swimmers should bring these items to all practices - Write your name on your items!
  5. Please read and know the disciplinary policy found in this Handbook. 
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The coaches endeavor to make swim practice an enjoyable experience for every swimmer. The swimmers will receive an education about the sport of swimming (technique, endurance, race strategy, and fun) and learn how to challenge themselves and how to step up to a challenge. They will develop leadership and support for each other.

Parents play an important role in the progress and success of any swimmer, regardless of their age. With the right kind of support and encouragement, your swimmer will progress steadily and enjoy a rewarding experience.

  • Leave the coaching to the coaches. Do not pressure or offer swimming advice. It is the coaches’ job to offer constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance. It is the parents’ job to supply the love, recognition, and encouragement necessary to help their swimmers feel good about themselves.
  • Parents are welcome to attend swim practice, but should not interfere or interrupt the coach. A two-way relationship exists daily at practice, and it is imperative that the coaches have the swimmer’s full attention.
  • If you have any coaching concerns, please contact a board member promptly. Never let a disagreement with a coach be known to the swimmer. This may destroy a positive coach-athlete relationship. A board member should be present at each practice or you may also contact a board member at any time.
  • During competition, the deck attitude of parents and family members should be positive and sportsmanlike.
  • Understand that the coaches are not perfect, but will always try to do what they feel is fair and right. Their job is to think of all swimmers on the team, not just one or a few.


Marvin Lazaro - Head Coach           403-8658

Jenny Hubbard - Assistant Coach   645-4191

Anna Balassa - Assistant Coach     541-0054

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  • Being part of a team
  • Be at practice on time
  • Keep a positive attitude
  • Remind your parents to inform the coaches by email, as well as indicating on the team site,, if you will be absent from a meet.

RESPECT – A swimmer must show respect to everyone (coaching staff, officials, teammates, parents, opponents, etc.)

BEHAVIOR – As a member of the Copperfield Swim Team you represent not only yourself, but your family, and your community. Therefore, every team member is expected at all times to conduct him/herself with exemplary behavior, whether the team is at Copperfield or another club/facility. Any infractions may result in disciplinary actions which will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The following is an example of consequences for improper behavior:

1st Offense - Verbal warning from the coach

2nd Offense - Out of practice for the day and board member will contact parents

3rd Offense - Out of practice for a week, suspension from meet(s) during that week, conference with board member, coach, parent, and swimmer

PRACTICES - Swim practice is mandatory. Swimmers must attend at least three practices per week. The coaches understand that progress is made by working at practice and that parents are looking for good performances from their swimmers. Therefore, swim practice is important for every swimmer’s development. Proper stroke technique will be stressed for all swimmers, but swim practice is not the time for swim lessons. Practices are for building endurance and teaching the basics of the strokes to the entire team. Coaches may be available for private lessons outside of practice if you feel your child needs extra help.


  • Be respectful and courteous to all meet officials, workers, coaches, and opponents.
  • Be on time.
  • Wear team suit, cap, and team t-shirts to show spirit.
  • Stay in your designated area – report to your age-group parent if you must leave the area.
  • Keep the team area neat – clean up after yourself.
  • Know your event numbers and report to the age parent or Clerk of Course on time.
  • Direct any questions regarding meet results or officiating to Copperfield coaches.
  • Do not leave the meet early without checking with the coaches.
  • Cheer and support your teammates!
  • Have fun and do your best!
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SUPPORT – Parents should support their swimmers in a positive way. Encourage your swimmer to keep trying hard – Do not be a critic! Please make sure that your swimmer is on time for practices and meets! Please make sure your swimmer is equipped with suit, goggles, towel, water, healthy snacks, etc.

VOLUNTEER – The LSA is a parent-run organization that counts on your support to put on high-quality swim meets. The Copperfield Swim Team is also an organization that can survive only with your support. Keep in mind that it takes approximately 40 volunteers to run a dual meet. Based on our team size, and in order to run a successful meet, every family is needed at every meet. Also, parents with children under the age of 11 are required to work 2 age-group parent positions which will be applied towards your volunteer requirements. If you are able to volunteer more please do so. Please do your share; your children are counting on it.

STAY INFORMED – Please check your email account frequently as it will be the main source of communication from coaches and within the team (information will also be found at as well as on Facebook). Current and last-minute information is distributed through email, so please check your messages frequently!

KEEP THE COACHES INFORMED – It is vital that the coaching staff be informed, by indicating on the team site,, and by email,  at the earliest date possible for those meets that an athlete will not be attending – no later than Thursday before a Monday meet. If your child becomes ill on the day of the meet and must miss that meet, please call the head coach ASAP.

ARRANGE SUPERVISION – If you cannot attend a swim meet yourself, Copperfield policy is that children under 12 are not to be left without adult supervision. It is your responsibility to arrange supervision at a swim meet with another adult who is familiar with your child’s medical needs. The coaching staff is responsible for your child at practice, but they cannot be a babysitting service before and after practice and at swim meets.

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